Anthony Argo is a champion boxer and nightclub doorman. He is trained by his father Joe who has brought his Sicilian values with him to Australia. Joe’s proud traditional view of the world increasingly comes into conflict with his son’s pursuit of “la dolce vita”.

Anthony meets Kate who stimulates him with ideas and love. She introduces him to a wider social group, way beyond the Australian society his father has known. Anthony starts to question many of the foundations of his upbringing, in particular, the role that violence plays in the resolution of conflict. As he assimilates his newfound broader view of the world, while battling with his own personal disappointments, he realizes he is now mature enough to be his own man and see his father and his values within the context of his own developing philosophy.

TWO FISTS ONE HEART marks the screenwriting debut of former Australian Amateur Boxing Champion, Rai Fazio, who also fronts as Anthony’s nemesis, Nico Mancini. Also starring is ‘Underbelly’s’ Daniel Amalm as Anthony and ‘Packed to the Rafters’ Jessica Marais as Kate. TWO FISTS ONE HEART is the latest offering from renowned Australian producer David Elfick, whose credits include ‘Newsfront’, ‘Blackrock’ and ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’.